『Doraemon Nobita’s Go-Go Ride!』Video Contest on Tiktok


Please capture videos in the experience of “Doraemon Nobita’s Go-Go Ride!” on Roblox and share them on TikTok.
Posted videos will be evaluated based on their uniqueness, the message to Doraemon and friends, and the number of views received. Prizes will be awarded to the top five participants.



1st Place:

・A trip ticket for use with family and friends (flight gift worth 500,000 JPY)

・Amazon gift card worth 200,000 JPY.


2nd Place:

・A trip ticket for use with family and friends(flight gift worth 200,000 JPY)

・Amazon gift card worth 100,000 JPY.


3rd to 5th Place:

・Amazon gift card worth 50,000 JPY each.


flight gift:A gift card that can be used to purchase airline tickets.


【Submission Period】

May 1, 2024, to May 31, 2024, 23:59 (JST)


【Results Announcement】

June 14, 2024


【Announcement Method】

Announcement from X account “GeekOut K.K.” (


Submission Method

・Post videos on TikTok. Filmed within “Doraemon Nobita’s Go-Go Ride!” in Roblox.

・No restrictions on the content or number of video posts as long as they are filmed within the experience.

・Use hashtags #GoGoRide #Roblox and include a link to this page ( in the video comments.


Entry Qualifications & Video Posting Rules

▼Entry Qualifications

・Open to all nationalities, individuals, groups, and corporations.

・Ensure your TikTok settings can receive DMs from the “GeekOut K.K.” TikTok account. (


▼Video Posting Rules

・Not in violation of the terms of service of Roblox and TikTok.

・Do not use copyrighted material without permission.

・Avoid violent expressions, attacking others, or defamation.

・Do not use “Doraemon” related materials not part of “Doraemon Nobita’s Go-Go Ride!”

 Ex)Materials from Doraemon works such as anime, manga, comics, movies, and digital content, which cannot be used

・Do not produce content that damages the image of the characters.


▼Prohibited Actions in Video Submissions

・Submitting entries based on false information.

・The act of transferring, monetizing, or reselling the awarded development funds or rights to use intellectual property to third parties.

・Acts that infringe on the various rights of third parties.

・Engaging in criminal activities or acts contrary to public order and morals.

・This contest is held by GeekOut with permission from the copyright holder. GeekOut will contact the copyright holder.

・Applicants should not contact the copyright holder or the editorial department at the time of application.

・Please refrain from content that infringes on the moral rights of the author or damages the reputation or prestige.


Selection Criteria

・Selection Criteria by GeekOut

 -Number of video views


 -The message to Doraemon and friends

*However, entries deemed by the management to violate the “Entry Qualifications” will be disqualified from winning.


Video Submission Guidelines

・Recommended vertical video size: 9:16 (as set to public on TikTok).

・The video must be an original creation by the applicant.

・If the submission includes third-party copyrighted works (such as music, movies, photographs, artworks), the applicant must obtain prior approval from the relevant  

 third parties before entering.

 *Submissions that infringe on third-party rights without approval will not be considered for selection.

・Must comply with the terms and conditions set by TikTok and Roblox.



・The contents of the contest, support provided, and schedule are subject to change or cancellation without prior notice at the discretion of the organizer.

・All costs associated with the application are to be borne by the applicant, regardless of the reason.




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