Geekout Extends $20M Creator Incubation Program to Roblox Community with New IP License Structures "Kodansha and several other IP holders have been confirmed as initial participants in these new offerings"

We are pleased to announce that GeekOut Inc. (located in Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Soichiro Tanaka, hereinafter referred to as “GeekOut”) will be extending the Creator Incubation Program, currently with $20M in funding, to the whole Roblox developer community with access to best of breed Japan IPs utilizing new licensing structures.  Whereas traditional IP licensing arrangements are conducted on a one to one basis, GeekOut will be revolutionizing content creation by enabling a one to many IP relationship that aims to leverage the power of user generated content.  As a result, all Roblox developers of varying skill levels can participate, not just professional studios.


This new framework will encourage co-creation while protecting the most sought after intellectual properties, such as character works, comics, and animations.  In collaboration with Roblox Corporation and DEVLOX Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “DEVLOX”), the Creator Incubation Program will offer planning direction, development guidelines, and operational support.

■“Geekout Creator Incubation Program” Details

  • Financial aid for experience development from $20M pool
  • Education on usage and license guidelines for top IPs
  • Developer support through all steps of the licensing agreement process


Furthermore, in collaboration with DEVLOX, plans are underway for contests and creator recruitment initiatives on Roblox that can leverage this new structure.  Initial companies that will be bringing their IPs onto Roblox under this new structure include heavyweights such as KODANSHA Ltd. and DeNA Co., Ltd.  A pipeline of other opportunities are in development so stay tuned for more updates!



Soichiro Tanaka, CEO of GeekOut Inc.: 

“We are thrilled to announce this extension of the GeekOut Creator Incubation Program, which will further accelerate the growth of Japanese-origin Roblox content. We are deeply grateful for the generous cooperation of all the involved parties in making this fund possible。Our aim is to fully leverage the fantastic IPs held by participating companies and contribute to the planning and development of experiences that both fans of their works and the global Roblox community can enjoy. The GeekOut team is diligently working on projects with each company, and we hope you look forward to the release of additional information.”


■About GeekOut Inc.

Located: Minato-ku, Tokyo

CEO: Soichiro Tanaka

Founded: March 2022

Business: Immersive Media solutions