“DORAEMON Nobita's Go-Go Ride!” Release Date Announced Coming to Roblox, the world's leading immersive platform, on March 28th 1pm JST

GeekOut Inc. (located in Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Soichiro Tanaka, hereinafter referred to as “GeekOut”) is pleased to announce the release date for “DORAEMON Nobita’s Go-Go Ride!”, the first Roblox appearance of the beloved character “Doraemon”, set for March 28th 1pm JST.


Roblox is a global platform where millions of people gather, connect, create, and self-express through immersive virtual experiences. Every day, on average, more than 71.5 million people (*1) around the world play, learn, communicate, and build friendships as they explore millions of user-generated digital experiences.

(*1) Roblox’s official stat as of Q4 2023

Themed around “Doraemon”, a character loved not only in Japan but also globally, the game is developed under the supervision of Fujiko F. Fujio Pro and in collaboration with enish, Inc., to deliver an experience on Roblox that worldwide Doraemon fans can enjoy.

This project was first announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2023 during the stage event “Unlocking Creation on Roblox in Japan” . Following the announcement, GeekOut and enish, Inc. have been diligently working on the project and are excited to finally reveal the release date, bringing a new experience to all Roblox users, including younger generations and adults alike.


■ About “DORAEMON Nobita’s Go-Go Ride!”


 [Racing Mode] 

This is a party action race featuring a host of familiar characters including Doraemon and Noby. Players can enjoy a race not only in cars and boats but also with a variety of other vehicles and methods, including Doraemon’s Gadgets and dinosaurs.
During a race, acquiring a random box allows the use of Doraemon’s Gadgets you bring into the race, which become randomly available.


[Track Builder]        

Work in progress image.

The ‘Course Creator’ feature allows players to craft their own original tracks and share them with players around the world. Players can freely combine and arrange items and courses, and play solo or in ranked matches. 
This feature, designed to stimulate creativity, promises enjoyment for a wide audience, from children to adults.

[How to Play] 

For smartphones and tablets:

1.Install the “Roblox” application and register an account (first time only). 



2.Search for “DORAEMON Nobita’s Go-Go Ride!” in the “Roblox” application, tap the displayed icon, and then click the play button to enter the lobby area.

3.Inside the lobby area, tap the “Play” button and after a short while, the experience will begin.

For PCs:

1.Visit the official “Roblox” website ( and register an account (first time only).

2.Search for “DORAEMON Nobita’s Go-Go Ride!” on the official website, tap the displayed icon, then click the play button to enter the lobby area.

3.Inside the lobby area, tap the “Play” button and after a short while, the experience will begin.


[Usage Fee] 

Free (*2) 

(*2) Some items that enhance the experience or change the appearance of an avatar are available for a fee. The Robux needed for payment can be purchased at the following URL:


[Compatible Devices] 

Smartphones, tablets (iOS & Android) / PCs (Windows & MacOS) /Xbox


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■About GeekOut Inc.

Located: Minato-ku, Tokyo

CEO: Soichiro Tanaka

Founded: March 2022

Business: Immersive media solutions


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