The Roblox game “Toast Your Friends” is collaborating with the popular game “Work at a Pizza Place”

The Roblox game “Toast Your Friends” produced by GeekOut K.K. and nextReality is now collaborating with the very popular Roblox game “Work at a Pizza Place”, which is known for achieving more than 4.3 billion visits.

The Roblox game “Toast Your Friends” is a simple and entertaining multi-player game. Each player becomes a slice of bread and compete to toast others or not to be toasted. The game has been well received for its tag-team element and many players are enjoying the game with other players as they meet on the spot.

「Toast Your Friends」×「Work at a Pizza Place」Collaboration Overview

■ No. 1
A new stage inspired by “Work at a Pizza Place” is now available in “Toast Your Friends”! Please enjoy this hilarious collaborative experience as you become a slice of bread and run around the pizza shop!
■ No. 2
To celebrate the launch of this new stage, anyone who plays 5 or more matches at “Toast Your Friends” during this special campaign period will be rewarded with in-game coins that can be used at “Work at a Pizza Place”!
*Campaign Period ends on July 29th Saturday, 2023

・About「Toast Your Friends

Produced by:GeekOut x nextReality
The players who have become bread are engaged in a great game of “toast or be toasted”. Play a game of tag to see how long you can survive without being toasted, or how many players you can toast!
Let’s play against each other! Who can be the best bread!?
・Click here to play

・About ”Work at a Pizza Place”

Created by Dued1
Work as a team to fulfill pizza orders!
Upgrade your house and furniture with the coins you earn.
Click here to play ▶