GeekOut, K.K. Launches “GeekOut Creator Incubation Program for Roblox” (GCIPR) with a total value of 3 billion yen


TOKYO, JAPAN, 16 December – GeekOut K.K. (hereinafter “GeekOut”), a provider of metaverse solutions, announced today the launch of the “GeekOut Creator Incubation Program for Roblox” (“GCIPR”), a 3 billion yen program in total designed to support the development and activation of Roblox experiences*1 by Japanese creators and IP holders.

Roblox is a global platform where millions of people come together to connect, create, and express themselves through immersive, virtual experiences. Every day, over 58 million*2 people around the world play, learn, communicate, and expand their friendships as they explore millions of user-generated digital experiences, all built by a community of over 12 million creators on the platform using the free, easy-to-use development features in Roblox Studio.

The GCIPR program aims to support the growth of Japanese creators building on Roblox as well as the breadth of Japanese content on the platform, in response to the rapid growth of the Japanese user community on Roblox as well as the growing popularity of virtual experiences inspired by Japanese culture among the Roblox user community worldwide. The program will start from December 2022.

GeekOut will provide the following support through GCIPR to creators and IP holders whose projects are expected to make a significant contribution to the Roblox community. This will enable creators and IP holders to bring their content and IPs to Roblox users around the world without huge initial investment:

● Assistance with initial development funding

GeekOut will provide funding on initial development costs. The total amount of support is expected to be about 3 billion yen.

● Project Advice

GeekOut will evaluate the project and make recommendations for improvement to ensure maximum project success.

● Introduce the best development partner for your project

If the project team does not have the resources to develop a virtual experience on Roblox, we will introduce one of the successful development studios already active on Roblox who we believe is the best fit for your project.

● Project management services by GeekOut

GeekOut will assign a person in charge of project management for the development process with development partners as described above, if needed.

● Operating a school where you can learn how to develop Roblox experiences and attract users

From 2023, GeekOut will start a school where you can learn how to develop Roblox experiences, including how to use Roblox Studio*3, and how to effectively attract users to your Roblox experience.

● Technical Support in Developing Roblox Experiences

To facilitate the utilization of advanced technologies that push the boundaries of what Roblox experiences can deliver, GeekOut will provide support on technical matters.


From Soichiro Tanaka, CEO of GeekOut K.K.

“We are very pleased to be able to support the acceleration of Japanese creators and content on Roblox through GCIPR. Many manga, anime, games, and other forms of entertainment created by Japanese creators are enjoyed around the world, and the Roblox platform and its technology will allow us to bring these amazing Japanese creators and their IPs to the world in an even more immersive way. Through GCIPR, we hope that more and more Japanese contents will be loved globally.”

Ari Staiman, Head of Roblox Japan, commented on the launch of GCIPR as follows:

“Japan is the fastest growing major market for daily active users on Roblox, and Japanese brands like Sanrio are already attracting more than 180 million visits to their officially licensed experiences on Roblox, so it is exciting to see programs like the one created by GeekOut that offer additional support to Japanese developers and brands to further accelerate the growth of Japanese IP on Roblox and engage with a massive global audience.”


Notes to Editor

*1 Experience: The millions of virtual user-generated 3D worlds on Roblox are called ‘experiences’ as they represent virtual places and hangouts where Roblox community members worldwide connect and socialize, in addition to playing, competing, etc.

*2 Roblox’s official stat as of Q3 2022

*3 Roblox Studio is a free-to-use development tool used to build 3D virtual experiences and publish them on the Roblox platform

Contact for GCIPR:

● GeekOut K.K Contact Form for GeekOut Creator Incubation Program for Roblox


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